Metal Detecting in Devon and Dorset


Are There Objects of Historical and Monetary Value Hiding in Your Land?

Metal Detecting in Devon

Find out what secrets lay hidden in your land with my "Finds Report"

For most of us, experiencing the richness of Britain's history is done in museums, libraries or on the Internet.  Thanks to the latest developments in detector technology and the willingness of landowners to allow detectorists to search their land, the numbers of finds with genuine historical and monetary value is growing rapidly in Britain.  Last year alone almost 58,000 finds were reported to the Portable Antiquities Scheme, nearly all of which was found by metal detectorists.

Devon is rich with history but until recently there has only been one record of a hoard being discovered in Plymouth.  The next nearest hoard was found near Glastonbury.  However, in the last few years more Roman coins and artefacts have been discovered metal detecting in Devon and the history is staring to be re-written.

Could there be valuable historic items waiting for discovery in your land?  Are you interested in finding out the history of your land and would you like a detailed personal report showing what was found and exactly where?

Now you can find out for free. On your behalf, I will be pleased to investigate and carry out a search at no cost to yourself.

I welcome new land to search and I'm happy to share any items of value on a 50/50 basis.

In return for your kind permission, I would offer to:

  • Report all worthwhile finds to you

  • Share any finds or their value with you on the customary 50/50 basis

  • Work tidily without leaving a mess, removing all junk uncovered

  • Respect your property and take care to avoid causing damage, loss or hindrance (I have N.F.U. approved Civil Liability Insurance up to £5 million)

  • To never discuss any of our finds or reveal any locations with anyone without your prior consent - Full discretion is assured

  • Abide by any conditions that you may wish to impose

  • FREE searches for lost metallic items e.g. jewellery, tools and equipment, pipes, drain covers etc
  • Give you a printed Confidential Finds Report which is personal to you, detailing all finds found on your land with exact locations for your refernce

To protect both you as the landowner and myself as a searcher I recommend using a simple written agreement, signed by both parties which can be terminated at any time.

Metal Detecting FindsI will also produce a Confidential Finds Report for you which will contain all the objects found on your land including images and descriptions and the exact locations.  The report will vary in length depending on how much land you have available and how many items are successfully recovered.  Items are logged on a map and where available also contain Ordnance Survey GPS grid points.

The report is written by me, and is specific to your land giving a great record and interesting keepsake for all the family.  The report is printed and bound and is given free of charge.

All too often detectorists obtain permission from landowners but never bother to show any finds.  I wanted to be different and take the time to show my appreciation to you in the form of a permanent record that you get to keep. 

This report is NOT shared with anyone else unless you would like me to do so.  I consider the permission you grant me and the finds I discover private between you and me.  Everything is kept confidential and I excercise the highest discretion.

I do not work for the government, I have no associations with any archaeologists, nor am I hoping for fame and fortune. My relationship with you is of prime importance which is why I never share details of my sites.  I do abide by the law and will need to report anything I believe to be Treasure, but this will only be after I have dicussed such items with you first.  Your discretion is assured in all circumstances and I will be happy to discuss this with you further should you have any questions or concerns regarding this issue.

If you are interested in discovering what history might be under your land, please do contact me in complete confidence.  


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"Paul has been metal detecting in my fields and at my home for many years now. He has made some very fascinating finds including many coins, buckles, toy Dinky cars and even the remains of an old purse!

"Paul is a credit to himself and to the hobby and I would be happy to recommend Paul to any landowner as a decent and trustworthy individual"

David Glynn

Gold Roman Coin